A squirrel reaches the first rung on “The Ladder of Success”

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There is much we can learn from our animal friends about life, motivation and determination.

In this dramatic video, a baby squirrel is given tools to help it achieve an objective: to climb over a wall. Although it received some help, no one would do the work for the baby; it had to figure out how the tools could be used to help it to climb over the wall, and then, to exert the effort to do so, on its own.

How many able-bodied people today have never discovered the pride, the self-esteem, the exhilaration that this squirrel did, because they’ve been told they cannot be self-sufficient? That they will always need government assistance? That they are incapable of providing for their and their families’ needs and desires? Could there be a greater spiritual and economic tragedy?

BONUS: A mother dog teaches her baby to climb down stairs. How many parents today are giving their kids the skills needed to be self-reliant – and how many are teaching them to demand freebies, and make excuses?



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