“The only true charity…

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… is one in so contrived that the recipient need beg no more.”

2014pestalozzi-updateJohann Pestelozzi, who pioneered a revolutionary approach to teaching that centers around the child’s intuition and interests, wrote those words two centuries ago.  He knew that dignity and dependency are opposites in functional, adult human beings.

Yet today, charitable ventures – particularly those designed and operated by governments – rely upon a steady, if not rising number of dependents.  This is because hundreds of thousands of jobs in the charity industry and related bureaucracies are dependent upon dependency.  And the elected politicians who draft the laws that make ever-increasing numbers of people eligible for welfare programs are, in turn, dependent upon the recipients’ votes, which put them in office, term after term.

The people who constitute the welfare industry may know the term, “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach him to fish and he’ll eat for life,” but it is clearly against their interests to ever give him a fishing pole, or the knowledge of how to use it.  Their interest, unfortunately, lies in keeping him perpetually dependent on them, thus ensuring their own jobs.

Could there be a more destructive occupation than convincing otherwise able-bodied individuals that they are incapable of providing for themselves, and that they cannot survive without a handout of some sort?


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