Our mission

America’s race to provide financial goodies of every type – better known as “entitlements” – to the entire population has now come to a disastrous state.  Nearly 50% of Americans now depend on a government check for some portion of their income.

Our government-run welfare entitlements infrastructure was supposedly begun to provide temporary help for those unable to support themselves. Instead, it has ended up luring significant swaths of able-bodied Americans into perpetual dependency, atrophying their skills and destroying their initiative.

And over the course of the last several generations, we’ve allowed entitlements to expand to include:

  • Corporations
  • Farmers
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Employees
  • Artists
  • Illegal aliens
  • Foreign nations
  • Any able-bodied individual who claims a made-up “disability,” and refuses to provide for himself
    (Example: Stanley Thornton, who claims he deserves welfare support because he must live as an “adult baby” – and Social Security agrees.)

Today, Washington, DC and many state capitols are orgies of lobbying and fighting between groups for more subsidies, grants, loans, tax credits, and aid in any form.   What this all boils down to is taking from some Americans to give to others, under force of law.

The mission of EntitlementsDestroyLives.com is to be a nonpartisan, thoughtful venue for research and education regarding:

  • The destructive impact that welfare entitlements have on recipients.
  • The means by which welfare entitlements produce unintended negative consequences, such as rewarding failure by punishing success.
  • Means to encourage and aid welfare entitlement recipients to achieve self-reliance.
  • The fact that our welfare entitlement spending and mentality are bankrupting America.

Through this effort, we hope to make a significant contribution to help dependent Americans to discover the pride that can only result from self-reliance, and help restore America to financial health.

If you share our belief in the importance of this mission, and would like to help us to achieve it, please consider making a financial contribution.