The team


Jim Morris,

Founder & President

Jim is a Charlottesville, VA businessman. Rising from the humblest of origins in rural western Virginia, he is a self-made example of the American can-do spirit.

At right: Jim (left) at 8years old, in his hand-me-down farm clothes, with his brother and mother.

A high-school dropout, Jim worked on his family’s farm from age 12-17, after which he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. During his 13 years in the Navy, Jim completed his high school equivalency test, began taking college courses, in addition to the training he was receiving in aviation electronics. Since leaving the Navy in 1972, Jim embarked on numerous business ventures, including trucking, restaurants, patent development and real estate. In 1982 at age 39, Jim also completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce at the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce.

Jim’s interest in entitlements and human initiative began developing while he served on Governor George Allen’s Virginia Welfare Reform Commission, as Chairman of the Virginia Adult Education & Literacy Council, and the Governor’s Job Training and Coordinating Council.

“I was shocked to find that there’s a lot of effort trying to help people through entitlements, but there was very little effort being put forth to try to teach people to help themselves and become independent. I was shocked to see that, in fact, much of the actual effort was being devoted to adding people to the welfare rolls, rather than to helping them to achieve independence.”

Watch a video interview with Jim on why he created and what he hopes to accomplish with it, here.



Jon Sutz

Creative Consultant

Jon is a Charlottesville, VA-based multimedia designer, writer and consultant. His specialty is consulting on and developing analytical graphics & visualizations for courtroom presentations, and innovative media for advocacy. Read Jon’s bio here.

In addition to consulting on and designing the website, Jon has lent his skills to other liberty-advancing nonprofits in Virginia and beyond, including the “Lost Liberty Hotel” (Kelo; property rights) Virginians Over-Taxed On Residences (VOTORS), the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, Save Syria Now!, and many others.

When not researching, writing, designing or consulting, Jon can usually be found playing with his “miracle dog,” Shayna, an SPCA-rescue Border Collie – Siberian Husky mix about whom he is writing his first book.